Mark Menzies MP says Virgin’s pricing policy ‘fleeces’ Preston passengers

Fylde MP Mark Menzies met with Virgin Rail representatives over its unfair pricing policy on the West Coast Main Line

Mr Menzies called the meeting after several complaints from constituents over the rail fair from Preston to London – which can be four times the price of the journey from Lancaster to London, despite being further away.

He said: “Virgin were left in no doubt of the strength of my feelings, and my constituents’ feelings on this matter.

“They do not want to be charged more than three times as much as people from Lancaster for their train journeys to London.

“It is simply not acceptable.

“They offered no resolution but reiterated the main reason for the higher prices was the fact many people who board at Preston are regarded as business passengers.

“But where is the business lounge at Preston Station. Where are the facilities for all this business travel?

“It’s just an excuse to fleece Preston passengers.

“I am not surprised Virgin will not put someone forward to speak to the media. If they do, they will have to admit that the situation at Preston is no longer acceptable and is unfair on passengers.”

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