Mark Menzies signs Waspi pensions pledge

Mark Menzies with Waspi campaigners

Fylde Conservative candidate Mark Menzies has pledged to continue supporting the Waspi campaign.

Mr Menzies met with campaigners, following previous meetings in Parliament and at Andsdell Library.

The Waspi campaigners – Women Against State Pension Inequality – are fighting against pension changes which have left them significantly out of pocket as the state pension equalises with men.

Campaigners have no issue with equalisation, but changes made in the 1995 Pension Act, and accelerated in 2011, gave many women no chance to make alternative plans.

The aim of the campaign is to achieve fair transitional state pension arrangements for women born in the 1950s affected by the changes.

Mr Menzies met the campaigners in front of Lytham Windmill to sign the Waspi pledge and talk to the group’s members about their personal experiences.

He said: “We all understand why pensions have to be more affordable, given we are all living longer.

“However, the changes must also be fair, and this group of women have been left in a situation not of their own making, and with no opportunity to put it right.

“I will take the matter up with ministers again on their behalf.”

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