Mark Menzies: ‘United Utilities must do more to protect vulnerable’


Fylde MP Mark Menzies has called on United Utilities to do more to protect vulnerable constituents, following a temporary loss of water supply in the constituency.

Mr Menzies spoke to United Utilities chief executive Steve Mogford following the burst water main incident in Fylde on Sunday, which affected three postcode areas.

Engineers checked some 15km of pipeline to locate the issue and repair it.

Mr Menzies said: “One of the key things that came from the conversation is an acceptance that much more needs to be done to identify vulnerable customers, such as the elderly and the disabled, to ensure they receive bottled water and a continuity of some sort of supply.

“I also spoke with him regarding the £50 automatic compensation for businesses which I believe is inadequate.
“A pub closing for the day will lose thousands and thousands of pounds.

“To that end, he assured me United Utilties will look on a case-by-case basis to businesses that get in touch, to ensure they receive appropriate levels of compensation.

“As for the cause of the issue, he told me this was a burst water main close to Freckleton, and not an unusual occurrence at this time of year, when spells of hot weather can cause earth to move close to pipes.”

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