Mark Menzies visits Just Good Friends

Mark Menzies at Just Good Friends in St Annes

Fylde Conservative candidate Mark Menzies visited friendship group Just Good Friends while on the campaign trail.

Mr Menzies visited the group’s members and organiser Bev Sykes at one of its regular meetings at the Masonic Hall in St Annes.

The group’s  aim is to combat loneliness, isolation and bring people together in friendship and make sure that no-one is everon their own again. Its about being there for each other, making new friends, enjoying life and each other’s company.

It is about changing loneliness to happiness, about laughter and fun and being there for each other.

Mr Menzies said: “I fully support the work here that Bev and her colleagues do. I have sung the praises of this group to ministers and to as many people I can.

“It is vital people have contact with others. No one should feel alone, and groups like Just Good Friends are a fantastic way for people to join together for companionship and fun.

“The work Bev does is fantastic, signposting people to other services, should they need them, and helping them stay happier and healthier for longer.

“I’ll be doing all I can to ensure the group stays in the spotlight, and to help find further funding for it.”

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This photograph does not imply that people shown with Mark either endorse or oppose his re-election to Parliament.

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