MP Mark Menzies blasts ‘arrogant’ Drinking Water Inspectorate over investigation

Fylde MP Mark Menzies says the 18-month wait to discover the cause of an outbreak of cryptosporidium in Lancashire’s drinking water is ‘unacceptable’.

Mr Menzies is writing to the environment minister over the delay into the investigation by the Drinking Water Inspectorate – which refuses to make any comment on the investigation.

United Utilities put 300,000 people on ‘boil water’ notice in August 2015, and it took just over a month for supplies to be declared safe for everyone to use again. The bug wsa discovered in t

The bug can cause tummy upsets and people with a weak immune system are particularly susceptible to it.

The DWI will only state that it won’t comment until the investigation is complete.

Mr Menzies said: “It’s been like speaking to a brick wall – the DWI has been quite arrogant.

“The outbreakĀ caused a lot of disruption, especially for people who are elderly or vulnerable.

“It’s an incredibly long time. In fact, it is so long it is unacceptable.”

Mr Menzies has called on the DWI to give the public a better overview of where the investigation is up to.


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