MP Mark Menzies delighted at progress on vital motorway link road

Fylde MP Mark Menzies and Coun Sandra Pitman on the Moss Road

Fylde MP Mark Menzies says he is delighted to see a programme of works in place for the building of the M55 link road to St Annes.

At the most recent meeting of all the interested parties concerned with the road, officers revealed the programme which includes impending legal agreements, the tender process and construction of the road.

Mr Menzies said he was delighted to see progress made after attending the meeting with Kensington Developments, Lancashire County and Fylde Councils.

At the meeting, plans showed the tender authorisation process for the works is expected to take place at the end of May, with invitations to tender to follow in August.

“Considerable progress has been made,” said Mr Menzies. “However, I’m still not convinced this is receiving the level of priority from Lancashire County Council that it should.

“And until such times we have a contract signed we need to keep as much pressure on as possible.”

Highways England has earmarked the scheme for North Houses Lane, also known as the Moss Road and Radar Road, as a priority works, and Fylde Council, which is not a Highways Authority, has contributed £1m to push the project on.

Coun Sandra Pitman said: “As a local councillor for Park ward, I’m delighted Fylde Council has agreed to commit £1m towards the cost of this road to ensure residents in the area get the level of service they deserve.

“Pressure must be maintained on Lancashire County Council, the Highways Authority, to ensure this project is completed as soon as is possible.”

Mr Menzies added: “Kensington Developments has been unfairly criticised over the delay to the road recently; the builder has an obligation to fund the road only after it has built and sold 450 properties off Queensway in three tranches of 150, however the firm has pledged to put its money into the road earlier.

“I’ve done everything I can to ensure the money is in place, questioning the Prime Minister and meeting the roads minister and Highways England to press for funding.”

Lancashire County Council closed the road after the north end of the route fell into disrepair. The authority refused to pay the £1.7m needed to bring the road back into use due to the prospect of a new road being built.


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