I WAS delighted when I saw new analysis from the Department for Work and Pensions this week which showed private sector employment was at a record high as the economy begins to rebalance.

The research revealed that there are 1.3m more people working in the private sector compared to when the coalition took office – that equates to three new private sector jobs for every one lost in the public sector.

The number of people in work has hit record levels, unemployment is falling and the number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance dropped by 29,000 last month.

Obviously, there is still lots to do to help those who remain out of work, but these are encouraging signs – and a further indication the economy is moving from rescue to recovery.

Let us be under no illusions, this Government inherited the highest structural budget deficit of any major economy in the world, the highest in our peacetime history.

However, the plan ministers put in place is working. It has cut the deficit by a third in just three years and we have seen the fastest rate of new business creation for decades, something which has been reflected in these latest figures.

I am in regular contact with key members of Fylde’s business community and while many acknowledge how tough times have been, they have worked hard to ensure their companies remain successful, a job which will hopefully become easier as the economy recovers.

And from looking to the future to being proud of our past, I believe Lytham’s annual wartime celebration this weekend was as successful as ever.

Although I was not able to attend personally, I have heard from a number of people how much they enjoyed the town’s nostalgic look back at 1940s Britain.

While the weather on Saturday obviously meant only the most hardy of souls could enjoy the festivities on Lytham Green, I understand pubs, cafes and restaurants reaped the benefits and staff really got into the spirit of the occasion by dressing up and decorating their premises.

As an MP, I often meet Second World War veterans and while the tragic loss of life during that terrible conflict should never be forgotten, we should be proud of the efforts of our brave servicemen and women and take the time to remember them.

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