It was a sad day in Parliament as it fell silent for the funeral procession of PC Keith Palmer.

Killed in the Westminster attack last month, he died protecting democracy, staff and members of the public.

His cortege set off from Parliament along streets lined with police officers and those who came to pay their respects, with a floral tribute which read “No 1 Daddy”.

He was a top public servant. He was also a hero, and that is why his coffin was allowed to lie in the Palace overnight.

It was a sombre and thoughtful time as his cortege headed to Southwark Cathedral where his funeral took place.

My thanks rest with him, and thoughts are with his family.

It has been Recess in Parliament this week so back in Fylde, it’s wonderful to finally see some movement on the Moss Road.

Recent meetings and communications between Fylde and Lancashire County Councils, Kensington Developments and myself have started to yield results.

There have been some full and frank conversations which appear to have concentrated hearts and minds on this vital project.

It has been delayed by red tape, discussions and negotiations in a continually-changing landscape which has made the whole saga an infuriatingly complex one.

Thankfully, we now appear to be in a position where we can see a timetable of agreements and works. Pressure must be kept up on the County Council to ensure the works begin soon.

I was also delighted to see the Government take action over Lancashire County Council’s decision to close all but one of the libraries in Fylde.

To keep open all but one library in Preston, and close all but one in Fylde is inherently unfair, and I have spoken to ministers several times in the past six months to press this point. I am delighted they have listened.

The authority has been told by the Secretary of State that it must justify its decision process, prove its reasoning, prove its consultation was valid, and prove it investigated alternative options to keep the libraries open.

I don’t believe it can do any of those things, and look forward to the Government opening a full inquiry into the debacle.

It’s Easter weekend, and a four-day break for many people.

My thanks to the emergency services and service staff who always work through these busy times. And safe journey to those travelling to and from Fylde.

Happy Easter.


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