This week I met with BAE Systems to hear the latest on sales of the Eurofighter Typhoon.

The production line is still in full swing at present, but more orders will be needed to sustain it in future.

I was pleased to hear about the number of negotiations going on around the world with countries keen to own the best dual role aircraft in the world.

Talks are ongoing with several countries across the world.

And I was assured that French media reports stating that Malasia has opted to buy French Rafale aircraft are entirely false and from French sources – no surprise there – with our Warton-built plane still in the running.

I will continue in my role as Fylde MP to work with Government to ensure maximum support is given to the aerospace industry on the Fylde coast.

A win in any of these contract talks will be a huge boost to the aerospace industry on the Fylde coast.

I also visited the new Streetwise base in Warton.

Elaine and Gerry Gregoire have transformed a dilapidated former Army building into a great venue which hosts more than 100 children on a Friday night, and is open several nights a week.

This dynamic couple are foster carers, youth workers, entrepreneurs and so much more.

They plan is to have the youth club building open permanently.

The club is a huge help for many children, especially those who have a parent in the forces and who may be away for some time.

The centre will host courses, be available for hire, and will become a real hub for the community.

The Gregoires have plans to refurbish the outdoor areas, including a games area, and I’m looking at ways to help bring funding in for them.

I wish them every success – and it already is one.

The Government outlined plans to end the supremacy of European Union law with the publication of a White Paper on the Great Repeal Bill, this week.

After the Prime Minister took the historic step of notifying the European Council of the Government’s decision to invoke Article 50, we have been clear that we want a smooth and orderly exit – and the Great Repeal Bill is integral to that approach.

Our laws will be made in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast – and interpreted not by judges in Luxembourg, but by judges across the United Kingdom.

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