St Annes Carnival was the biggest and best yet, thanks to the combination of the superb efforts of the organising committee and some amazing weather.

The two-day event brought people out in record numbers and I congratulate all involved for helping the carnival past the £100,000 mark for donations to charities.

It was a pleasure to take part in the parade on Saturday and I was delighted to see the level of support.

In Parliament, I have raised the issue of poor broadband service with ministers this week after a number of constituents contacted me with issues.

It isn’t just rural areas that have problems – I have seen speed tests showing urban areas such as Lytham and Kirkham returning speeds which are simply unacceptable in this day and age. In fact, some speeds are so slow, customers cannot even run the speed tests.

As more and more household appliances rely on an internet connection, we must ensure that we have a network available to cope with demand.

Without a connection, many people cannot carry out day to day business or recreational functions, such as playing games, streaming video, or sending emails.

I have also written to Openreach, the company charged with installing the high speed network around the country, to ask it how the situation can be improved. The firm is simply not fulfilling its obligations and needs to take the matter in hand fast.

I attended the first All Party Parliamentary Group meeting and debate on pensions for the Waspi group in Fylde. It was a packed debate. I have joined the group and am in the process of writing to ministers to ask how we can help these women, born in the 1950s, who have been left in limbo by recent pension reforms.

I welcome the landmark judgement this week on defence sales to Saudi Arabia.  It demonstrates we have very robust controls in place when it comes to defence equipment sales.

It is good news for the thousands of people in Fylde working at BAE, as well as thousands more across the UK.

Saudi Arabia is a key defence partner for the UK; our relationship allows us to share intelligence and that helps contribute to the safety of each and every one of us in the UK.

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