Huge congratulations to local lads Daniel Cuffe and Peter Taylor for a successful Lytham Festival which saw tens of thousands of visitors converge on Fylde.

There were some hardy souls on the last night watching the Proms, but every credit to them for doing so – they were given a musical treat that was second to none.

Following the high winds last year which saw two nights cancelled, I’m delighted to see that the show went on this time around.

I have had a lot of positive feedback from not only people who visited the area, but also businesses across the entire Fylde coast.

Some of you may have heard me on a radio interview this week say that the festival is not just about Lytham – it is about showcasing Lytham, St Annes and the wider Fylde area.

How many of those tens of thousands of people who came to the Festival to see their musical heroes have never previously been to Fylde? It is important we make the most of the opportunities the week of events brings so that we all benefit.

We now have a couple of weeks until the 1940s weekend, and the end-of-summer St Annes International Kite Festival, which similarly attract tens of thousands of people to the area – and I would imagine many different people than to the Festival – which gives us the chance to showcase the Fylde yet again.

As an MP it is my mission to broaden the economic base of Fylde to ensure jobs and the future prosperity of the area and these events are a major boost to the constituency.

This week, the Government has launched a consultation to consider how best to make Britain’s essential networks and infrastructure safe, secure and resilient against cyber attacks.

Proposals include measures to fine companies which do not implement effective cyber security, keeping your records safe and ensuring continuity of supply, up to £17 million or four per cent of their turnover.

This is just one step to help ensure those who supply our electricity, our gas, our transport, our health and our digital infrastructure are fully prepared to face the growing number of cyber attacks we are seeing across the globe.

The Government is fully committed to defending against cyber attacks, as laid out in our 2016 National Cyber Security Strategy supported by some £1.9 billion of investment.

I want the UK to be the safest place in the world to live and be online, with our services and essential infrastructure prepared for the increasing risk of cyber attacks, and for us to be far more resilient against the threats posed by power failures and environmental hazards.

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