Exiting the European Union

I am delighted that we have now left the European Union, delivery on the Prime Minister’s electoral promise to ‘get Brexit done’, and opening a new chapter in our relationship with our European neighbours and partners around the world.

Britain’s exit came after four years of hard negotiations and discussions and confirmed a decision that the people of Fylde initially voted for in the 2016 referendum, and have since reaffirmed by twice trusting the Conservative party to deliver this result in the subsequent General Elections.

The Prime Minister and his Government have worked tirelessly in the year since his election as party leader. Firstly to reach an agreement with the European Union on a deal which regains control over our laws, money and borders, and which allowed all four nations of the United Kingdom to leave as one, before passing that deal into law.

This must now be used as an opportunity for a welcoming and internationalist outlook, something I will continue to advocate as negotiations with the European Union continue into the withdrawal period. With greater autonomy, we be able to utilise this flexibility to ensure that we can encourage investment and development that best reflects the needs out this country.

We are now given a unique opportunity to forge our own path in the world as a nation dedicated to the idea of free trade and global economic development. It is predicted that 90 per cent of future world growth will come from outside of Europe and I believe that we will be well placed to take advantage of new markets overseas.

Nevertheless, the UK will continue to cooperate with the EU across a range of areas including trade and security. European nations are some of our closest allies and partners, a relationship that it has been clear both sides wish to maintain.

Going forward, I will continue to support the Government in seeking the best possible terms for the United Kingdom as the Withdrawal Period continues, allowing the Government to deliver on its commitment to level up infrastructure investment and increasing the number of doctors, nurses and police officers that serve our nation.