Fylde MP hails Government's further £200 million pothole fund

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has hailed a further £200 million Government funding to resurface and repair an extra 1,000 miles of road - part of the largest ever investment in our road network.

Lancashire has been handed an extra £1,242,575 to improve the condition of roads and build on the comprehensive programme currently taking place in Fylde.

Mr Menzies said: "In Fylde, this new funding will be used to to fill more potholes and improve the condition of our roads which were left to deteriorate under the previous Labour administration at Lancashire County Council.

"Funding was constantly awarded to Preston and East Lancashire; now the Conservative Party is focused on improving transport infrastructure across the country, boosting the local economy and helping hardworking people in Fylde.

"We've seen many roads resurfaced and potholes filled in recent months and that work will now continue as part of our wider £6.6 billion commitment to improving our roads."

This funding has been allocated to councils across the country, including in Lancashire, and is part of the £6.6 billion the government is providing in the six years to 2021 to improve the state of roads across the country.

The Conservatives are investing in roads on an unprecedented scale, providing the biggest ever single cash injection to improve England’s roads, investing £29 billion to boost the local economy and help businesses and families reach their destination faster.

Funding has also been set aside for early stage research into new surface materials or pothole repair techniques, such as 3D printing, and a digital hub will be set up for experts to share and develop innovations.

Some £420 million was set aside in the Autumn Budget for resurfacing, pothole repairs and bridge renewals, and residents are already beginning to see the results, with several local authorities buying pothole repair machines such as Dragon Patchers and JetPatchers.