Fylde MP Mark Menzies wants reassurances on Brexit deal

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has called for calm in the Brexit debate - saying he supports the Prime Minister, but is not convinced by the deal on the table at present.

Mr Menzies said: "What is abundantly clear is that this is an incredibly difficult and delicate situation – every MP knows this from the emails and letters flying in at present from constituents.

"There is no 'one-size fits all' here, and there never will be.

"There are a number of items in the current deal I am not entirely happy with and we need to continue working towards a deal by March 29.

"I believe we are still looking at an outcome that is, as yet, to be determined; there is a deal on the table which I do not think in its current form will make it through Parliament.

"I am concerned about the nature of the backstop and will be seeking further reassurance from ministers.

"As a unionist I am also determined that this deal does not have a long term negative impact on the bonds that keep the constituent parts of the UK together.

"I want to see central to any agreement that we can control our own borders and that we can control our trade policies.

"Having a number of companies, including Westinghouse at Springfields and BAE Systems in Warton, that trade significantly with the European Union, I'm looking at the detail in this deal and want to ensure we are protecting the interests of all workers."

"The situation is incredibly divisive and clearly, there is no solution which will make everyone happy."

Mr Menzies said compromise was a must on such a divisive issue - and that level heads were needed to ensure the UK gets the best deal as it leaves the European Union.

He added: "Brexit is an issue which people care passionately about. It is the most important issue this country has had to face for a very long time.

"I am committed to helping the UK leave the EU on March 29. I will support Theresa May as Prime Minister but I am seeking reassurances and expect the deal to change. We always knew this deal would have to be based on compromise.

"What we need is calm and rationed reasoning and negotiating; not resignations, not slanging matches and not empty rhetoric based on completely inaccurate information.

"We have had to negotiate with 27 other countries. Those negotiations have been consistently undermined by attack after attack on our Prime Minister from all sides as she has tried to get the best deal for us all.

"Fylde voted Leave and I pledged to support that decision following the referendum and continue to do so."