Fylde MP pleased with mental health investment pledge

An extra 1,000 NHS staff will be employed in NHS community mental health services to make sure patients have easier access to the support they need.

Fylde MP Mark Menzies said the announcement of the staff, and an extra £975 million for mental health services, was a much-needed investment.

He added: “Mental health services absolutely needed this funding boost.

“Patients with mental health difficulties are the very people who need to access services as quickly as possible.

“It is vital for they can access professionals whenever necessary to help ensure their health does not deteriorate further. They should not have to wait until crisis point before receiving appropriate support.

“I hope these extra staff will also be able to step in and take the strain from other services, such as police. It is not appropriate for someone with mental health issues to be held by police which is so often the case when someone reaches crisis point; it also means police officers are taken away from other duties.

“I have spoken with Lancashire’s Chief Constable about the matter – we must have a better joined-up way of helping those with mental health issues, and I hope this funding helps people get the help they need in much quicker time.”

The funding will be spent on 12 trailblazer schemes – which will test new ways of joining up services across NHS organisations and councils – and 1,000 extra staff in NHS community mental health services. The NHS will join forces with housing services, charities and employment services to give personalised mental health care and advice to more than 100,000 people.