Fylde MP wants share of £220 million bus funding for Fylde services

Bus services must be improved in Fylde following the announcement of a £220 million fund to transform bus connections across the UK, according to Fylde MP Mark Menzies.

The Government has announced a new National Bus Strategy, backed up with £220 million in the first year alone, to transform bus services across England.

Plans include new ‘superbus’ networks, an increase in the number of low emission buses, better passenger information and better value tickets.

Mr Menzies said: “There are several routes in Fylde which need improving, notably those such as the number 78 which link our villages; we need earlier services to help people get to work, school, college and appointments, and later services to help them get home.

“I want to see more low emission buses linking our villages and towns and I’m happy to work with Lancashire County Council to support any bids for funding from the Government to provide better services for residents in Fylde.”

Good quality bus services are vital for thriving local communities. Bus passengers generate around £64 billion for the economy every year and contribute to a third of city centre spending.42

 The Government proposals include launching new low-fare, high-frequency ‘superbus’ networks, allowing passengers more choice and lower prices – in exchange for the local authority investing more in bus lanes, bus operators will run more services, at a lower cost thanks to an all-operator fare cap.

Government funding for bus in the UK have topped £1.5 billion since 2012., including £250 million every year since 2012 for bus services in England, £40 million of which helps fund routes that may not be commercially viable but which are considered socially necessary, helping people to stay connected with their local services and communities.