Mark Menzies backs more animal welfare measures

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has welcomed a new raft of measures to protect animals in homes, in agriculture, and in the wild.

The Government has announced it will consult on restricting live animals journeys, requiring approval for longer journeys and bringing forward welfare conditions for long journeys when they are necessary with respect to live exports for fattening or slaughter.

An extension to cat microchipping to give cat owners the same peace of mind as dog owners, especially with respect to cat thefts, will also be introduced.

Keeping primates as pets will also be banned, with consultation on steps to ban the trade in primates and phasing out pet primate ownership to be brought forward.

A further consultation will also be held on further restrictions to the import and export of hunting trophies into and from the UK.   

 Mr Menzies said: “We have already legislated to increase maximum sentences for animal abusers – and rightly so.

“I am now pleased to see more legislation on the way to protect animals. No one wants to see animals transported lengthy distances for slaughter, and there is no place for trophy hunting in this day and age.

“A lot has been spoken about us leaving the EU and animals losing various protections – however we adhere to higher standards in animal welfare, and we are making sure we are leading the world on animal welfare issues.”