Mark Menzies MP calls for tariff reductions on UK goods

The Government is seeking wide scale reforms on tariffs to help boost exports, Fylde MP Mark Menies has been told.
Mr Menzies, the UK's trade envoy for Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Chile, was speaking in a topical questions session on International Trade in Parliament.
He asked the Secretary of State to update the House on what progress the Government has made on advancing food and drink exports, and in particularly on what action was being taken to reduce tariffs on British-made and exported goods.
Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trade Liam Fox told him: "Food and drink is one of this country’s most successful export sectors, but a lot of areas of it, particularly those such as spirits — I had discussions with the Scotch Whisky Association just a couple of nights ago — face very high tariffs in countries such as India and Brazil.
"They are enormous markets for us, but we face disproportionate tariffs, and that is one of the key areas where we seek unilateral reform in such countries so that they can show that they are genuinely committed to free trade."
Mr Menzies asked the Secretary of State: "What progress he has made on the development of proposals for the scrutiny of future free trade agreements."
Mr Fox said: "In terms of the continuity of our existing agreements, the best way to ensure full continuity is to have a deal.
"All those who talk about the pitfalls of no deal would do well to remember that in voting against the deal they make those pitfalls all the more likely.
"My hon. Friend is right to suggest that it is not only trade agreements that are important but trade itself, including trade promotion for our exports, and I congratulate him on the work he has done to promote this country’s interests abroad."