Mark Menzies MP reassured over Fylde ambulance provision

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has been reassured all of Fylde's ambulance stations are not set for closure.

Fears were raised when a document from the North West Ambulance Service highlighted all of the stations as being under review.

The MP was told all stations have been under review since 2012 to ensure the service constantly looks at the changing demographics of areas - such as large increases in housing in particular areas.

Mr Menzies said: “I’ve been reassured by the North West Ambulance Service that talk of all these stations closing is simply not true.

“All of these buildings are on a rolling review and have been since 2012, with the service annually reviewing how each station operates.

“In some areas we have significantly more houses than we did before and stations may need to be expanded. Some stations being used less and less may well fall out of use – that is what the review is for."

Mr Menzies was also reassured no areas would be left without ambulance cover - and that ambulances only visit the stations at the start of their shifts. However, he will meet with the chief executive of NWAS fo further clarification.

He added: “I am also told that ambulances do not base themselves at these stations. Once they have restocked at the start of a shift, they rarely return to them but always serve the area they are designated to – in other words, the provision of ambulances to areas will not change.

“I will be keeping a close eye on the situation and look forward to meeting the chief executive of the North West Ambulance Service to discuss the matter further.”