Mark Menzies MP Welcomes NHS Funding Announcements

Mark Menzies MP has welcomed this week’s announcements of NHS investment from the Government. 

On top of the record funding the last Conservative Government had already committed to the NHS in 2018, Boris Johnson has this week announced a new £1.8 billion package to ensure frontline services have the funding they need.

£850 million of this has already been allocated to 20 hospitals across the country, including five projects in the North West, to upgrade outdated facilities and equipment, helping to improve patient care and save more lives.

The Government are also providing a £1 billion boost to allow existing upgrade programmes to proceed and tackle the most urgent infrastructure projects, meaning new intensive care wards, children’s units, and new much needed mental health facilities.

On top of this, the Government have committed £250 million to develop a new National Artificial Intelligence Lab, continuing the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care’s work by bringing the NHS to the cutting-edge of technological advancements and helping to build new treatments for cancer, dementia and heart disease. 

Mark Menzies, MP for Fylde, said: 

‘This is excellent news and is proof positive that Boris Johnson meant what he said during the leadership campaign. The Conservative party have now successfully maintained the NHS for 43 of its 70 years and will continue to champion free at the point of use healthcare for the British public.

I will be following up with the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to ensure our local hospitals receive their fair share.

I am also pleased to see the Prime Minister address the ongoing issue with NHS pensions which will allow our best doctors, nurses and clinicians to continue the life-saving work they do.

It is clear that the Prime Minister is passionate about enacting policies that will work for the whole country and I will work with Ministers to bring the benefits of those policies to Fylde.'

Read the announcement letter from the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care below.


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