Mark Menzies tells OGA to ban fracking on Fylde coast

Fylde MP Mark Menzies held a meeting with the Oil and Gas Authority to reiterate his call for an indefinite suspension of hydraulic fracturing on the Fylde coast.

Mr Menzies called for a cessation of fracking in the area following a 2.9MI tremor last month.

Hydraulic fracturing must be suspended should the traffic light monitoring system register seismicity of 0.5MNI or more.

Mr Menzies said: “I had a meeting with the Oil and Gas Authority following the increase in seismic activity in Fylde around the Preston New Road hydraulic fracturing site.

“I met to discuss residents’ concerns following the tremor which measured 2.9MI – well above the 0.5MI threshold as set by Government and industry some seven years ago.

“I called on the Government to cease all hydraulic fracturing on the Fylde coast as these new tremors show the area is simply not suitable for this industry.

“I told the OGA I believe fracturing should be suspended here indefinitely and asked them what action they were now taking.

“They have reiterated that they continue to look at the situation very closely and will be evaluating significant data made available through the regulatory framework which we campaigned for."

The OGA has requested detailed data and analysis from Cuadrilla to assist its full consideration of whether the current hydraulic fracturing plan for PNR2 remains appropriate to manage the risk of induced seismicity at the site.

The OGA’s approval for operations at PNR2 is dependent on (among other things) the PNR2 Hydraulic Fracture Plan continuing to be appropriate to manage the risk of induced seismicity, and fracturing operations would only resume if the OGA concluded that to be the case.

The OGA's statement can be found here: