My Week in Westminster

It’s Carer’s Week this week and I attended an event in Parliament to celebrate the contribution of the carers who help look after the most vulnerable members of society.

There is an army of unsung heroes whose work I would like to see recognised with more support; I want to thank all of the carers– both those who are paid, and those who are not and are looking after a loved one.

Carers are a vital part of our social care, and I firmly believe we need more joined up thinking with the NHS and mental health services to ensure everyone gets the care they deserve – and that carers are recognised and given the help and respite they need as well.

I also met with nuclear fuel workers and the Prospect Union in Parliament with a cross-party group of MPs after they highlighted the need for Government support to ensure the Springfields site in Fylde continues making nuclear fuel.

I have already met with the energy minister and the new owners of Springfields in Parliament to discuss future plans for the site.

There is no room for complacency and in the coming weeks I will be holding a debate in Parliament calling on the Government to ensure we retain a sovereign capability for nuclear fuel manufacturing, ensuring we maintain not only jobs, but also the skills base we need in years to come.

In Parliament I asked in Home Office Questions what steps were being taken to increase police numbers in Fylde.

The Policing Minister told me Lancashire Constabulary is receiving an extra £18.4 million – not including exceptional grants to cover the cost of policing the anti-fracking demonstrations – next year. That funding has helped pay for around 100 new officers and more support staff.

Back home in Fylde I met with Carr Hill High School headteacher Andrew Waller. It was fantastic to see the new science classrooms up and running after I supported the school’s bid for capital funding. However, there is a need for further investment to improve some of the older prefabricated buildings and I will be writing to the county council to ask for more capital funding urgently.

I also met with Fylde Council’s licensing team to discuss some serious issues on residential and non-residential caravan sites, and was also pleased to get a sneak preview of the Fairhaven Pub, which opens next week.