My Week in Westminster

I have now written to Ministers and the Oil and Gas Authority to call for full cessation of the shale gas industry operating on the Fylde coast.

I have always made calls for stringent and robust regulation of the shale gas industry, and have opposed any changes in planning law, to ensure the safety of Fylde residents.

I supported the implementation of the traffic light system to monitor seismicity, called for total transparency, and fought for radon and boron gas testing before and during any fracturing.

The traffic light system limit, which was decided with input from the shale gas industry, is set at 0.5Ml.

This is a level I have supported and one which I believe ensures the safety of residents and their properties; however, since hydraulic fracturing activities began at Preston New Road, we have seen Cuadrilla forced to pause activities several times for seismicity above this level.

Seismicity is measured on an exponential scale and the latest tremors, the most recent of which measured 2.9, suggests to me that hydraulic fracturing is not suitable for Fylde.

Even if Cuadrilla were allowed a small increase in the level, which I would not support, this latest incident is way above that.

I am delighted to see the funding bid for Kirkham which I supported has been successful in winning a share of £1 billion from the Government.

The Future High Streets Fund bid, put together with Kirkham Town Council and Fylde Council, means we will be able to start regenerating the high street.

I have also supported a second bid for Kirkham which, if successful, would mean a large amount of cash to help rediscover some of the town’s heritage hidden behind some unsympathetic building developments. It would help further enhance the town centre and attract more businesses and more shoppers and hopefully put the centre back on an upward cycle. We need a mix of independent and national retailers working in harmony to make an attractive offer for businesses, residents and visitors alike.

I fully support the Prime Minister’s announcement of £25 million for hospices and palliative care services to support around 200,000 people with end of life care in the next year.

This funding will help ensure dedicated NHS community teams whose nurses provide care to patients approaching the end of life, work closely with hospices so everyone can access high quality personalised end of life care where and when they need it.

While in St Annes this weekend, I was delighted to see the fantastic weather bringing so many visitors into town. The restaurants, pubs and beach businesses all looked incredibly busy – and that is always good to see.