My Week in Westminster

The collapse of Thomas Cook this week is incredibly sad for both the staff involved in the company, and the hundreds of thousands of people who had booked a holiday with the firm.

The Government is temporarily the fourth largest airline in the country after hiring planes for the largest peacetime repatriation in history to help people get home.

Those stuck abroad will be brought back on these special charter flights or on other airlines at no cost to themselves.

Thomas Cook was bailed out to the tune of £900 million by investors in August – I do not think throwing taxpayers’ money at the firm would have helped in any way – and we would be facing the same situation we are now just a few weeks down the line.

I support the investigation into the firm – especially given the remuneration packages of management which I understand totalled some £20 million in the past five years.

I hope there are not too many people affected here. Anyone with questions should initially look at If anyone needs further help, do not hesitate to contact my office.

It is now clear Labour will simply not commit to any Brexit stance following their Conference. The official stance is now they will decide after a general election – after they have asked people to vote for them . They currently state they will somehow negotiate a better deal than that which they have rejected, and then campaign against their own deal and support Remain in another public vote. It’s a ridiculous stance and one which will continue the Brexit paralysis which has damaged us for so long.

We need to leave the EU on October 31 and forge a new relationship with out European partners and others around the world following a clean break. That is the only way we can get Brexit sorted.

We need to get back to concentrating on the 20,000 police officers this Government has pledged to put on the streets, the £14 billion boost for funding which is benefitting all of our state high schools and eight primary schools in Fylde, and the £34 billion boost for the NHS.

We should be debating the logistics of getting this money into the system, into how best to recruit staff; we’ve had three and a half years of Brexit debate and the constant deadlock has stagnated Parliament.