My Week in Westminster

We will leave the EU on Friday night, as promised by the Prime Minister.

Following the election, we have put the Brexit deal through the House of Commons, through the House of Lords and back through the Commons already. It has been signed by the Prime Minister and the EU and will come into force on January 31.

Now the Government has a majority in Parliament, it is clear we can get things done. Compare that timeframe to the ridiculous grandstanding and politicking going on beforehand, when opposition MPs took two-days to debate the language used in the House – because the Prime Minister used the word ‘surrender’ in a debate.

It is good to hear our European neighbours are now also changing their stance on a trade deal, with many now suggesting a deal can be done by the end of the year. The Prime Minister was told he would never get a new deal. He did. He was told we’ll never get a trade deal in time. He will. And in the meantime, we continue making trade deals around the world to ensure we are a truly global nation.

I attended the Holocaust Memorial Day at St Annes Synagogue and was, as ever, moved by the accounts we heard.

It was also an incredibly uplifting experience, especially given the role of the young people who took part. We will never forget the horrors perpetrated by the Nazis – that is the best way to make sure we never see them repeated.

I also signed the Holocaust Memorial Book in Parliament on behalf of us all here in Fylde, in what is the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

I was pleased to see the Government bring forward Jack’s Law this week. This entitles all grieving parents to two full weeks of paid leave, irrespective of how long they have worked for an employer.

No parent will ever get over the loss of a child. But I am pleased to say from April we will offer the most generous bereavement pay offer anywhere in the world. It’s a small gesture, but one which removes financial worries when they simply should not be a factor. The move follows a campaign by Lucy Herd who lost her son Jack in 2020, and was only allowed three days off work to grieve. I’m delighted the Government has implemented this law.

I also wrote to Fylde Council last week over the state of Lytham’s former Police Station and Magistrate’s Court. The building is in a dreadful state and the owners need to ensure it is secure and tidied up to protect its heritage features.