Mark Menzies tells OGA to ban fracking on Fylde coast

Fylde MP Mark Menzies held a meeting with the Oil and Gas Authority to reiterate his call for an indefinite suspension of hydraulic fracturing on the Fylde coast.

Mr Menzies called for a cessation of fracking in the area following a 2.9MI tremor last month.

My Week in Westminster

This week I’ve written to a lot of residents in Fylde, mainly those in new homes and apartments, to ask what their experience of leasehold is.

I’ve been working with campaigners for some time over the scandal of leaseholds on new developments.

Mark Menzies meets minister to discuss Kirkham high street funding

Fylde MP Mark Menzies was last night due to meet with Northern Powerhouse minister Jake Berry to progress Kirkham’s Future High Streets Funding bid.

Mr Menzies supported the bid by Fylde and Kirkham Town councils which has now been accepted by the Government.

My Week in Westminster

I have now written to Ministers and the Oil and Gas Authority to call for full cessation of the shale gas industry operating on the Fylde coast.

Mark Menzies MP calls for end to fracking in Fylde

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has called for a cessation of hydraulic fracturing in Fylde following an earth tremor measuring 2.9MI on the Richter Scale.

The industry must suspend fracking if a quake of magnitude 0.5MI or higher is recorded.

My Week In Westminster

It has been another busy week of announcements from the Government as Boris Johnson continues to implement his campaign promises.

My Week In Westminster

I am pleased to see the Prime Minister already making good on his leadership election promises - especially when it comes to Brexit and his support for the NHS.