Landmark Domestic Violence Bill welcomed by Mark Menzies MP

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has welcomed the landmark Domestic Abuse Bill after it passed its Second Reading in Parliament.

The Bill will introduce the first ever statutory definition of domestic abuse, recognising that abuse can take many different forms – including psychological, physical, sexual, economic and emotional.

It will strengthen protections for victims of domestic abuse, and crack down on perpetrators.

Mr Menzies said: “Passing its Second Reading is a huge step forward for this Bill.

“Put simply, this Bill will help protect domestic violence victims in Fylde, and it sends a clear message to abusers that their vile actions will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form.

“It is important that we recognise, in statute, the very many ways in which abusers target their victims, so that they can be prosecuted in full.

“I’m also pleased to see the Government has been able to get this legislation through, focusing on cracking down on crime, instead of waiting until after Brexit.”

Measures in the Bill include banning abusers from cross-examining their victims in court and launching new protection orders to restrict abusers.

Domestic Abuse Protection Notices and Orders will be used to provide immediate and long-term protection for victims.

The new legislation includes the rolling out of Claire’s Law, which allows police to disclose information about a partner’s previous history of domestic violence or violent acts.

The Bill includes an additional 120 commitments on tackling domestic abuse. This includes £8 million of Home Office funding to support children and additional for services for disabled, elderly and LGTB victims.

Minister for Safeguarding and Vulnerability, Victoria Atkins MP, said: “I am delighted the Domestic Abuse Bill has passed its Second Reading – it represents a huge step forward in our response to domestic abuse and will help us to stop the cycle of violence.

“This legislation underpins this Government’s commitment to clamp down on all types of crime and improve the criminal justice system for victims.”