Mark Menzies meets minister to discuss Kirkham high street funding

Fylde MP Mark Menzies was last night due to meet with Northern Powerhouse minister Jake Berry to progress Kirkham’s Future High Streets Funding bid.

Mr Menzies supported the bid by Fylde and Kirkham Town councils which has now been accepted by the Government.

He said: “I will be speaking to the minister about the need to improve the streetscene in Kirkham, the paving areas for pedestrians and roads for access.

“We need to fund a full masterplan and urban design study to help attract businesses and shoppers back to the town.

“The loss of the town’s banks has been a hard pill to swallow, but I believe a good level of investment will help bring independent and national businesses, as well as shoppers, back to the town centre.

“I’ve also supported a second funding bid for Kirkham which would work well alongside this initial successful bid. The heritage bid would help us bring older and forgotten buildings back into use, and would see funding made available for us to take down some of the unsympathetic signage that has ben put up over the years, hiding Kirkham’s heritage in the process.

“We need to make sure there is more choice for residents in Kirkham and we’re looking at increasing the arts and health offer in the town centre to attract more people in.

“I’ll be discussing the matter with the minister and making the strongest possible case for funding for the town.”